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A word from our founder

    Our customers had needs and concerns not being addressed by other electricians. I listened to all of the complaints and have addressed all of them. We to this day require our technicians to adapt and grow with the ever changing desires of our customers, so as we hear of new concerns we adjust accordingly.  

Top seven complaints about other contractors that we make every effort to address:

1)We are given a time when someone will show and nobody shows up.

2)When I call, all I get is no answer or an answering machine.

3)We are quoted a price and that price is not honored.

4)We never know who will show up (this person could be a criminal for all we know).

5)The technicians do not appear to be neat or professional.

6)When they complete the work they do not clean up after themselves.

7)We found out later that the business was shady.

To address these complaints 95% of our calls are answered by actual technicians. Our technicians are not only required to continue their education, they are also required clear background checks and drug screening, wear identifiable uniforms and be clean shaven. Our vehicles are clearly marked and we vigilantly protect our reputation by making sure you are treated with respect.

"You are the first electrician to take the time to explain my electrical system". I can’t count the number of times I have heard these words. With 30 years of electrical experience and ten years as a Master Electrician, I am confident I can explain your electrical system so that it makes sense.

Most electricians are competent enough to perform the work, but are not able to explain the benefit of having the work done. For instance, while most insurance companies will inform their clients that they need to eliminate any knob and tube wiring from their house, other than it is unsafe, they can not tell you why it should be replaced. I can explain that there are two major reasons for eliminating knob and tube wiring:
#1) All knob and tube wiring is at least 50 years old, it has been stressed and damaged to the point of failure.
#2) Fifty years ago the codes were practically non existent and families did not have electrical appliances and components in nearly every room of the house, as they do today. This is a burden on your electrical system, as a typical house of this era has most of the house on one circuit.

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